Meet Sarah Hurd, a writer and entrepreneur with a passion for natural health and wellness. With over a decade of experience in the CBD industry, Sarah has gained a deep understanding of the many benefits of hemp-derived products.

After graduating from college with a degree in biology, Sarah started her career as a research assistant at a leading CBD company. Over the years, she worked her way up the ranks, eventually becoming a senior product development manager. During this time, she developed a keen interest in the science of CBD and its potential to improve people’s lives.

As a writer, Sarah has published numerous articles and white papers on the topic of CBD and its uses. Her work has been featured in top industry publications such as CNN, FoxNews and academic journals, and she is widely regarded as an expert in the field.

Outside of CBD world, Sarah enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family and pets. She lives in Colorado, where she is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the vibrant culture of the CBD industry.