How To Know If You Have Good Quality CBD Product?

CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
Good Quality CBD
Good Quality CBD

CBD has become a worldwide phenomenon. Countries all around the world have begun to pass laws that allow for the growing, supply and possession of the fabled drug. Although restrictions are aplenty, this is the first step in the CBD revolution. With so many green signals thrown up, many suppliers and businesses have begun to sprout up, causing a sudden massive influx of CBD and hemp products in the market.

This growth will allow the CBD industry to reach an unprecedented $5 billion in valuation in the next 5 years! That is a big number, and it is only expected to grow as more and more people are replacing the conventional everyday medicines with CBD. The stigma around it is also lifting and people of the much older generation have also started to cherish the pain relieving and inflammation controlling properties of the miracle drug.

But with so much to choose from, how can we be sure that what we have in hand in genuine good quality CBD product? Last I checked CBD isn’t exactly what you would call cheap and something as small as a CBD shampoo could cut you back by around $30 atleast. With you spending that much, you should atleast have your money’s worth, right? Simple things, like researching and looking through the company’s certification is a way to make sure that they meet the minimum quality guidelines laid down.

So what are the ways in which you can identify “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” of CBD products? Let’s find out…


The seemingly unimpressive hemp/cannabis plant has within it, one of the most therapeutic substances known to man. It did take its sweet time to become a household staple that we know today, but we have reached that point, nevertheless. CBD or cannabidiol is just one such substance among the close to 100 such other substances called Cannabinoids.

Now, although no other cannabinoids comes ever so close to the range of benefits that CBD offers, they are essential is boosting the overall effects of the CBD product. The CBD also offers all the health benefits without the ‘high’, making it more versatile and much more easily accepted by the community.

What Affects That Quality Of The CBD Product? And What You Should Look Out For?

One needs to understand that quality of the produce is paramount to the determining the quality of the end product. But that is not it; there are a host of other things that you should keep in mind. These are:

  • From where the hemp is obtained?
  • How the hemp is grown?
  • How the CBD is made/ Extracted?
  • Any third party testing and certification?

Since the CBD industry is still up and coming, there are no proper regulations for the manufacturing processes. What this basically means is that different manufacturers follow different methods of extraction and filtration! Some products will be more potent and effective than the others.

As a consumer be extremely wary of product that cost close to pennies! Such hemp companies make use of cheap extraction methods using Butane and propane that leads to a product that is brimming with toxins and impurities. Better companies make use of pharma grade ethanol, which is alcohol in essence. There are many experts who vouch that using ethanol is a much better alternative that the before mentioned, and leads to a CBD product that is much safer for consumption.

But the best method of extraction is undoubtedly the supercritical CO2 extraction. This process involves that use of carbon dioxide under an extremely high pressure but low temperature environment. The process requires costly equipment and a more refined filtration process. But the end result is pure natural CBD oil or productthat maintains all the purity and the least amount of toxins in it!

Simply ask the manufacturer or vendor on the production method used. You can also get in touch with their customer service representative or by combing through their website. Make sure it is CO2 supercritical extraction or at the least Ethanol extraction.

What Is The Hemp Source? Where Is It Grown On?

The source of the hemp plant is also important. If the hemp plant is grown on rich soil, then the plant will also take on the rich characteristics, leading to a high quality CBD yield. If the hemp plant is grown on soil with heavy metals and contaminants, then the produce will be of sub-par quality and riddled with impurities. The reason for all of this is because hemp plant acts a hyperaccumalator, meaning it easily absorbs toxins or heavy metals in the soil; which is why it is important that you go for U.S or European Grown hemp.

You can get this info from the manufacturer’s website or from their support centre.

Brand Image, Transparency And Third Party Testing

Go for brands that are transparent about what is in their products and are known to provide good quality CBD products. Make sure that there is testing by a third party certified lab that ensures that the constituents of the CBD product are within the permissible limits.

Prior research is your best bet in getting a good, high-quality CBD product. So don’t shy away from putting in the time!