What Should You Know About CBD As A Consumer?

This all started back in 2018 when the US Farm Bill which proposed removing hemp from the schedule 1 controlled substances was legalized. This also legalized CBD. What’s startling is that how it went from something hardly anyone knew about to that thing everyone was talking about! It all happened in a short time span of two years.

CBD is a relatively new product in the market which has become an active ingredient in medicines, food supplements, and other products. In fact, it has made a name for itself in the beauty industry too. The rising use of CBD necessitates the need for us, potential consumers as well as consumers, to educate ourselves about the side effect (if any), qualities and properties of CBD. So, first things first.

What Is CBD And Why Is It Popular?

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound from Cannabis Sativa, commonly known as cannabis or marijuana or hemp. We all know about marijuana, if not from real life experience, then from movies. The legalization of a plant which belonged to the same species as that of cannabis, confused and shocked people. It made headlines because of its therapeutic effects that have the potential to treat epilepsy.

Will CBD Get Me High?

The answer is simple- NO. The hemp plant was legalized only because it contained very little amount- lesser than 0.3%- of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that gets one high. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound in the plant which however has therapeutic properties. Moreover, CBD is extracted only from the stems, leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant, and hemp oil which is equally famous in the field is made from the seed of the plant. The latter is a reservoir of essential fatty acids and is a star in the beauty industry because of its moisturizing effects. Alas, there are few people who got a little dizzy when they ingested CBD due to unknown reasons.

How Does It Make You Healthy?

Doctors from different parts of the country claim to have witnessed the effects of CBD themselves on their patients. Many of them have reported CBD medicines as painkillers, treating epilepsy and seizures, osteoarthritis, even deadly conditions like cancer. There are many anecdotes about its miraculous curing properties.

Should I Take CBD For Pain Management?

“Cannabidiol for pain management” is a much discussed topic in a formal meeting as well as in casual social gatherings.  According to many doctors, CBD is an effective option for controlling pain but they have also observed that in some cases adding a little THC was more productive.

That doesn’t mean the doctors are asking you to get high. Nor are they saying getting high is the solution to reducing pain. The bottom line is that pain is experienced differently by everyone, and the same medicine might not work for all. Thus, we can conclude that CBD is indeed a practical solution to pain and you can take it for pain management under a doctor’s prescription.

What About Anxiety? Will It Reduce If You Use CBD?

CBD does have the quality to calm down minds and instill a feeling of safety. It relaxes your nervous system and pulls it out from its “flight or fight” state.

How Should I Intake CBD?

The best way to take it will depend on why you want it, how long you want the effect to last and on how fast you want it to start functioning. For example, your morning exercise lead to a very tragic back pain and you have no idea how to use CBD for pain management.  You have to resume your daily routine in half an hour. Assume your options are CBD topical cream, vape relief and tinctures.

In this situation, you can just apply the CBD ointment and wait for its effect to kick in. Some people prefer to ingest the medication. If you are like them, you can choose vape relief which will be delivered speedily and wears off faster too (in about two hours). Other edibles like tinctures take around half an hour to be absorbed by your system and will last for more than four hours. As the most important question should be asked in the end-

How Much Should You Take? What Is The Dosing?

Many brands do not clearly mention the amount or frequency in which these products should be consumed. So, it is crucial to consult a doctor before you have CBD products. However, the dose will depend on whether the product is full-spectrum (include other cannabidiols like cannabidivarin or cannabigerol) or isolate (100% cannabidiol). Research has proved that the effect of full-spectrum CBD products will be more than that of isolate ones.