The Science Behind CBD And Arthritis Treatment

CBD And Arthritis
CBD And Arthritis
CBD And Arthritis
CBD And Arthritis

If you were to name a few medical conditions that can be treated using CBD, arthritis would make it to the list. The potential of CBD in arthritis treatment is quite popular in the world of medicine. Arthritis is an umbrella term that includes multiple types of conditions that vary in terms of the cause and affected parts.

What Is Arthritis?

Inflammation of the joints is the primary characteristic of arthritis. There are about 100 and more types of arthritis that have different causes and treatment methods. Adults who are over the age of 65 belong to the arthritis risk group. However, it may also develop in children, teenagers, and youngsters. Lifestyle habits that make you obese and regularly taking part in activities that involve stress on joints are some factors that contribute to arthritis risk.

What Are The Symptoms Of Arthritis?

As mentioned before, the causes and symptoms of arthritis differ according to the arthritis type. Joint pain, stiffness, and swelling are commonly reported arthritis symptoms. Patients will notice their range of motion being limited by the condition. The symptoms usually worsen during the mornings. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that is caused by the failure in immune system functioning. Fatigue and loss of appetite are common symptoms of RA caused by inflammation. You may also become anemic.

What Factors Lead To Arthritis?

Some forms of arthritis are caused by the reduction in the amount of cartilage, which is the flexible connective tissue that surrounds the joints and absorbs the shock created by your movements. One of the most common forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis is caused by the wear and tear of the cartilage. A pre-existing injury or a family history of osteoarthritis increases the risk of developing it.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another common form of arthritis. Being an autoimmune disorder, the immune system of the people with RA attacks the synovium, the soft tissue in the joints. The synovium produces a fluid that keeps the cartilage nourished and the joints lubricated. The exact reason why the immune system launches an attack on body cells is still unknown.

Can Arthritis Pain Be Relived By CBD?

All the benefits of CBD including arthritis pain relief are attributed to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. These receptors are found in almost all parts of the body. Instead of binding to the receptor sites directly, CBD exerts an indirect influence on the receptors.CB1 and CB2 are two known endocannabinoid receptors. CBD produces pain and inflammation relief benefits by interacting with the CB2 receptors.

Several animal studies have found that CBD can relieve inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. A study conducted in 2011 revealed that CBD reduced inflammatory pain in rats by influencing the pain response of the receptors to stimuli. A 2014 review of the results of existing studies on CBD and arthritis treatment suggested that CBD is an effective treatment for osteoarthritis.

What Are The CBD Products You Can Use To Relieve Arthritis Pain?

There are numerous options in CBD for arthritis treatment. Take a look.

CBD Oil 

CBD oil is manufactured by infusing CBD extract in carrier oils like MCT oil, and hemp seed oil, etc. It is mostly taken sublingually and is also used as the ingredient in CBD capsules and edibles. To take it sublingually, CBD oil is measured in a dropper and placed under the tongue for about a minute after which you swallow it. As the oil is held under your tongue, its cannabidiol content is absorbed into our bloodstream through the sublingual glands.

CBD Tinctures 

CBD tinctures are similar to oil in terms of its intake methods. They have an alcohol base that contributes to its longer shelf life. CBD oil, on the other hand, has an oil base and thus has less shelf stability than CBD tinctures.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules come in the form of pills containing CBD oil. Measurement of dosage and intake is quite easy with CBD capsules.

CBD Vapes 

One of the fastest-acting CBD intake methods, CBD vaping has been growing popular recently among CBD users. Often people make use of CBD vape oil for vaping. Vape oil is not the same as CBD oil because the latter cannot be vaped as such due to its thickness. In the process of vaping, CBD vape oil is heated inside a vaporizer or vape pen to produce vapors that are then inhaled through the mouthpiece of the device. The cannabidiol begins to take effect just a few minutes after vaping. However, the effects do not last that long; requiring you to vape CBD multiple times in a day.

Arthritis is often associated with severe pain symptoms that make a significant negative impact on the health and quality of life of the patients. Extreme pain cycles associated with the condition may even affect their mental health. CBD reduces the severity of arthritis pain and contributes to the wellness of the users.