Comparison Between CBD Isolate And CBD Full-Spectrum

CBD or cannabidiol has been shot upwards to immense popularity owing the multitude of benefits people are able to reap from it. Although it has been used since centuries ago, the hectic lifestyle which we have all adapted has done little to help. The stress, the sleeplessness, the anxiety…It all seems to be slowly chewing away at us. But lo and behold, CBD has come out to give us all a helping hand!

Those who frequent online stores to buy CBD products would have certainly been puzzled with the varieties of CBD. We have Full-spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, and you can’t help wonder what to pick. It is important to keep in mind what your needs and your body’s needs are. So without wasting a second, let us jump right into the meat of the matter!

The Age Of CBD

It is the abbreviation of “Cannabidiol”. CBD is present mainly in marijuana and hemp seed plant, and comes under the class of “cannabinoids”. CBD is only one of thousands of such cannabinoids one gets when they extract the cannabis plant.

The consumption of CBD products have a weird misconception tied around it. A sort of stigma, that says that consuming CBD products get you “high”. Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth! The feeling of intoxication you would feel is because of a cannabinoid called “THC” or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a psychoactive substance that causes delusions and euphoria.

CBD is non-psychoactive, plus the fact that the amount of THC in it is a mere 0.3%! Not even a puppy can get high with that dosage.

CBD has been known to help with a lot of pestering ailments ranging from chronic joint pain due to arthritis, insomnia, Anxiety all the way upto much more serious psychological issues like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OBC) and Curbing the growth of cancer cell and tumours! The CBD side effects are far outweighed by CBD’s benefits!

 CBD have been hailed and welcomed by several in the community alike as a possible future substitution to the much more addictive western medicine!

The Contenders: CBD Full Spectrum And CBD Isolates

CBD Isolates

Remember how I mentioned about other the cannabinoids in marijuana? Simply put, the isolate form of CBD is everything minus that. This form is pure in essence and is devoid of cannabinoids such as terpenes, flavonoids, and even THC! If you may have guessed, the idea of extracting just pure CBD sounds nice, but is a cumbersome process to undergo with! CBD isolates for this reason is slightly higher prized than its counterpart.

CBD isolates can be taken in many ways. From Smoking to sublingually, although the former is the preferred method. CBD isolates are packages as “Dabs” which have a pasty wax-like feel to it. The dab is placed in the heated chamber of the Bong or oil rig. The sheer heat causes it to fume, which is then smoked in. Although it is harsh on the lungs and throat, the feeling of immediate relief is what puts this method above the rest. Vaping is also another option with CBD isolate oils.

The best thing about CBD isolate is that it tastes much better, is odourless and can be used infused in your everyday cooking regime.

Full-Spectrum CBD

This form of CBD includes the whole gang! Be it terpenes or be it flavonoids. The extract from the plant is bundled up as a whole into one single CBD product for use! This creates what is called an entourage effect. This effect happens when each of the cannabinoids uplift the properties of the other, in unison! The result is a better-rounded CBD product with a host of other benefits!

Since THC is present, be sure to check with your government regulations on its legality. Although 0.3% is a drop in the ocean, there have been occasions where routine work drug test have flagged a false positive because of the THC. Although it will be screened out in subsequent test, this may create unnecessary issues regardless. The taste is also harsh because of all the cannabinoids!

Full Spectrum CBD CBD Isolate
It has better-rounded effects, kudos to the entourage effect The entourage effect is non-existent
It has strong odour and is harsher on the palate Its taste is more subtle and is odourless
It contains THC which could be a problem if your state restricts its use. Further it can lead to false positive drug tests. The absence of THC means none of the problems of false positive drug test arises.

So What Should I Go For?

Well it depends on what your preferences are. If you are somebody who abhors the taste of full-spectrum CBD then go for isolates. If you are someone who needs more health benefits from each sitting, go for Full-spectrum instead because of its entourage effect.